Double Decker

“Burgers, Wings, & More” just a quick bus ride on the 21 away!


Are you a student in need of a quick and affordable burger on your way home from class or a local businessman looking for a deal on a quick delivery?  If so, Double Decker is the place for you.  They provide “burgers, wings, & more” that are well-priced and taste about exactly how you’d expect a local diner’s food to, nothing phenomenal, but not a bad place for afternoon snacks.

California Burger

I took the 21 bus only a short few stops away from the University of San Francisco with my roommate this afternoon.  I was happily surprised by the creativity of Double Decker’s building design.  There is available seating on the first and second floors of the circular building that represent the two layers of meat in a double decker burger, very clever.

The staff were sitting at the diner’s booth seating on their phones when we walked in, but soon jumped up and walked to the cash register to take our orders.  The process was nothing special and the employees were not inclined to provide any helpful information as we studied the menu.  After ordering, I selected “no tip” on the ordering tablet which noticeably shocked the woman operating the cash register, but it was her lucky day because I planned to tip $2 in cash from my wallet.

Buffalo Burger

After discovering the hidden steps to the second floor, I found an available table near a television (the channel was stuck on paid programming) and a self-serve water station.  There were nice views of Grove Street, but the inside of the restaurant had poor lighting.  I suggest that customers either take their order to go or order delivery that Double Decker provides for free on purchases over $20.

The food was prepared in very short time.  I ordered the California Burger which came with heaps of avocado and a slice of Swiss cheese for $9.50, not a bad deal if you ask me.  The burger would’ve benefitted from some additional seasoning, but it was decently prepared and probably equivalent with a burger that I could make in my dorm room.  My roommate ordered the Buffalo Burger and provided no real commentary, simply stating that the meal was “meh, ok.”

An accurate representation of how dark the restaurant truly is!

For a quick, cheap diner burger, I suggest Double Decker.  Unfortunately, this restaurant is not for those interested in an exceptional dining experience.

Double Decker is located at:

465 Grove Street                                    Phone: (415) 552-8042

San Francisco, CA 94102                      Hours: Open Daily 10:30am-9pm

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